Wayabero Lodge

We have a passion for discovering remote and pristine places. On our travels across the length and breadth of Colombia, we came across a true jewel: the Sierra de la Macarena, to the southeast of the capital, Bogotá. It’s truly unique: only here do South America’s most important ecosystems – the Andes, the Orinoco and the Amazon – meet and meld.


The Sierra de la Macarena rises at the eastern edge of both the Guiana Shield and Colombia’s Orinoquía region. This shield divides the watersheds of the Amazon and the Orinoco. All the rivers on its northern flanks feed the mighty Orinoco, creating the region known as Orinoquía.

We fell in love with this stunning world, one of our planet’s biological ‘hotspots’ – among the three richest tropical wilderness areas on Earth. So we decided to protect 1.365 hectares (over 3,300 acres) of this land of savannahs and tropical forests, sinuous rivers and cliffs that glow gold at sunset… an ageless, inspiring landscape.

Within this property, on the banks of the River Guayabero to the west of the Sierra de la Macarena, Wayabero Lodge will welcome its guests.

Metropolitan Touring

El Lodge

Metropolitan Touring has pioneered travel to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands since 1953. With a passionate belief in Colombia’s potential and future as a travel destination, the company began operating here in 2010.

Wayabero will be intimate and welcoming, designed as Colombia’s first luxury expedition lodge while respecting its natural surroundings. Its location affords stunning views over the river and the Sierra de la Macarena. Here, natural and contemporary elements will conjoin to create a space both fascinating and unique.

Accompanied by the sounds of the forest and the river, guests will gather to exchange stories, converse with their naturalist guides, go for a dip in the infinity pool, enjoy a well-deserved massage, or simply relax. A place to feel the elements of nature and travel with the breeze to the origins of time.

Rooms & Suites

The lodge will house 36 rooms and suites, all designed sustainably to blend with their natural setting.

Orinocan flavours

Guests will embark on a gourmet culinary odyssey for all the senses, inspired by Colombia’s diversity.


Our spa’s treatments will transport guests to a place of peace, where every breath will revive and renew.

Natural Wonders

Across the Guayana Shield and the Sierra de la Macarena, species have evolved like nowhere else. From huge fresh-water fish, colourful amphibians, scaly reptiles and varied birds to invertebrates and mammals of every shape, colour and size… The combination of tropical forests and the unique sandstone tepuy outcrops of the Guiana Shield has created a truly singular world.


These are the lands of pink river dolphins, of furry capybara, nose-heavy toucans, shy deer, swooping eagles, powerful jaguars, and troops of monkeys that crash through the canopies…

Community & Conservation

We believe passionately in tourism as a force for good in Colombia, and particularly in the region where Wayabero Lodge is located. We aim not only to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, but also to contribute positively and be a pioneer for others to follow, benefitting hundreds of people. Our property will be a symbol for environmental protection, reforestation and research.


We have no doubt our impact will be long-lasting and positive for local communities.

The Experience

Our lodge is designed to provide the perfect base for exploration, whether across our property, or within the Sierra de la Macarena National Park and nearby protected areas.


You’ll be able to happily drift down a river with your fingers in the current, admire the forest, fish with a rod in the shallows, and discover rock sculptures on a riverbank… Or you’ll lace up your trekking boots to hike to a rock citadel, trek up to a ledge for a breathtaking view, grab a paddle to kayak through rivers and creeks and lagoons, or saddle up to set off cowboy-style across the plains…


Whatever your idea of the perfect day amid nature might be, we have an experience created for you.

How to get there?

To get to Wayabero Lodge, one flies southeast from Bogotá’s small Guaymaral airport aboard light aircraft. The flight to the town of La Macarena takes about an hour. It’s an exciting trip, flying low over the Macarena Massif on the way. Once at the town, we board our motorized canoes for the 40-minute journey up the River Guayabero to our lodge.